Bingo Game Online

Bingo Game Online

Monday, 1 February 2016

How to find and play a free online bingo game with big payouts

Nearly all internet-based bingo establishments out there love to entice new players by offering an incentive. This can be a no deposit bonus, a free online bingo game, free spins or a huge matching deposit bonus. And, in some cases you get a combination of all three. This short post discusses on free games-where to find and how to play them.

Tips to find a free online bingo game

  •    The first step is to find free bingo bonuses online. This can help you prevent from shelling out your hard-earned cash playing the games. Some sites give out really huge bonuses to the tune of $100 for free. You can use this to win real cash.
  •    Next look out for other sites offering free games and promotions. This is to ensure that you don’t miss out on other better opportunities. Some sites give out free games where you can win really huge.
  •    Reading genuine player reviews can also help you choose sites to play free games with great prizes. Look for reliable review sites where real players have voiced their opinion about a particular site.

Some free online bingo games
  •     Mondo Bingo
Mondo Bingo offers the ultimate bingo showdown where you can play with up to ten cards at once. To daub the numbers called by the announcer, just click on a card that is highlighted. You can no longer daub once the ball starts rolling. Earn a bonus for every bingo you score.

This free online bingo game allows you to earn a maximum of 10 bonus balls for each round and buy extra balls when the round comes to an end. The prize money is decent even though it’s not as good as paid games, which is a fact with all free games.
  •      Zynga Bingo
Zynga Bingo is a free online bingo game from Zynga where you can participate in a classic game of bingo with your loved ones. The game also has a start guide in case you are new to the online version of bingo.

To start playing this game, click on the “Play Now” tab and you’ll be directed to the main screen. The objective here is to form a pattern that consist of five numbers in a row-vertically, horizontally or diagonally on your bingo card. You can also form other bingos by finding numbers in the corners of the bingo card.  If you are successful in forming bingo on the card, just click the “Bingo” button. The screen will display the results along with the earnings you make.
  •     Pirate Cove Bingo
When you first try out Pirate Cove Bingo, you’ll be thrown for a loop. Instead of guiding you through the fundamentals, you’ll be dropped into a room where you can hear weird voices calling out bingo numbers.

The game play is simply amusing and you can play with up to four cards in a round. You need to utilize five number patterns in order to win. Since both the letters and number are coded on your card, it’s not at all difficult to identify them.

Every day you’ll be given five golden cards to play the game. Your winnings will certainly not be a windfall, but for a free online bingo game, it can be a fantastic incentive to keep you coming back for more.