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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Try these bingo games for the biggest progressives

Bingo games with the biggest progressives are the kind of games that involve a jackpot that starts at a preset amount and as you keep on buying cards, your preset amount will also keep on growing. This is how playing bingo games for the biggest progressives works.

Which Bingo Games offer the Biggest Progressives?

1.      888Ladies Online Bingo Jackpots

888Ladies Online Bingo Jackpots is one of the bingo games that have a daily jackpot offer. With a £1,000 Coverall jackpot, the action usually starts at 9pm. And at 10pm, most of the time there are much bigger coverall jackpots including the weekend jackpots from £10,000.00 up to £50,000.00. Aside from the daily jackpot, there are whole day two progressive jackpot events every day. The 1st event is in the 75 ball rooms and the 2nd one is in the 90 ball rooms. This is just one of the most exciting bingo games that you could try.

2.      75-ball Progressive Jackpot

The 75-ball progressive jackpot has £500 that is offered by 888Ladies. Afterwards, it grows quickly every time there is someone who buys a bingo card. To know if you win the jackpot, the player will have the champagne glass pattern in 35 squares or less. And you need to have a total of 13 squares in order to make a champagne glass pattern. By the way, at 888 in the studio 75 bingo room, you can take a shot at the 75 ball progressive jackpot. It is available every night at 7:15pm, 8:15pm, 9:15pm, 10:15pm and 11:15pm.

3.      90-ball Progressive Jackpot Games

This isone of the best bingo games to try if you want to have the biggest progressives. At 90-ball Progressive Jackpot Games, there is no less than a coverall made in 38 numbers win the prize. For players who love playing any coverall games, specifically at Champagne Time, Chattering Crumpets, Nutty Ninety and Engaged Ladies bingo rooms at 888Bingo, they are definitely qualified and eligible to win the progressive jackpots at 90-ball Progressive Jackpot Games.

4.      Costa Bingo Jackpots

Just as have said, they pay out their players more than £500,000 and this is for real money bingo prizes and it happens each and every month. Costa features nightly promising jackpots that you wouldn’t surely miss. This includes a £10,000 jackpot offer every Friday night and it is for free. And every night except Friday, Costa Bingo is featuring a £2.500 bingo jackpot.

5.      Wink Bingo Jackpots

This is one of the best bingo games that you could choose from. If other bingo games did not satisfy your needs, then I think at Wink Bingo Jackpots, you will have what you are dying to have for. They did not just offer a mini-jackpot win of £30 in free bingo cards to their new players; they also offer a lot of fun jackpots every week. As a matter of fact, has the so-called pre-buy bingo rooms where players can play and win for big money.

These are just some of the awesome bingo games that you could try. However, before playing the game, please make sure to understand the terms and conditions provided by each bingo site. It may not be enough for you to email them your list of questions and clarifications, especially if you are playing with bonus money. Learn and understand the rules of the bingo site before playing any bingo game online.