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Bingo Game Online

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Try the Mobile Bingo App at Tombola Bingo

Can’t keep your hands off Tombola Bingo? That’s understandable because the games at Tombola Bingo are unique and absorbing. The latest developments and innovations at Tombola Bingo has made it possible for you to play your favorite Tombola games as long as you have your mobile device with you and a stable internet connection.

Tombola Bingo for Your Mobile Devices

You can now continue playing your favorite Tombola games on your mobile devices without hassle. The site’s latest development has provided greater opportunities to its members because of the increase in accessibility and mobility of the games. You will find it hard to notice that you are even playing the mobile version because what’s in the original PC version is also what you will see in the mobile app. The only real difference you can see is that you can literally play the games anywhere.

The mobile version of Tombola is compatible to both Android and IOS users so the download process will be easy and familiar. You can download the Tombola app in Google Play Store, for Android users, and in Apple App Store for IOS users. Although the application is free, you will still be playing with real money because the account you are using in the PC version can be linked to that in your mobile device so that you will only have to handle one single account to avoid confusion.
Games in the Mobile Version of Tombola

There is really not that much of a difference in the games offered in the PC version and the mobile version expect that the mobile version entitles you to play the newest FREE game called Go Fish. The prizes are still the same and you can also play in real time. The app also features their amazing chat service wherein you can interact with other players that are currently active. They have daily chat quizzes that you will enjoy because it has corresponding cash prizes.

With regards to depositing additional funds to your account or the withdrawal of your winnings, you can also do that using the mobile version. You don’t need to worry because all you have to do is enter your card details for the deposit and make a request for withdrawals just like  you would in the PC version.

Playing at Tombola Bingo has never been this easy and convenient. If you are already a member of the site and you still haven’t downloaded their free mobile app, it is highly recommended that you do so. By doing that, you will never miss your favorite online bingo game. This has to be one of the best developments and updates Tombola Bingo has ever given their members.